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on the wings of imagination

Hahahaha Hellooooooo! I'm in my 20s and am a bit of a slash fanfic addict. Past and future fandoms include (in order of interest): Roswell, Buffy, due South, SGA, NCIS, Supernatural, Kradam, Merlin, aaaaaaand FUCK YEAH HAWAII 5-0!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I HAVE NO WORDS TO EXPRESS MY EPIC LOVE FOR STEVE AND DANNY. Oh, and The Social Network? Finally, I am SHERLOCKED. I'm fairly certain by now that I shall sadly never reach the age of maturity, through my codependent relationship with my computer. Although I am in professional school, so maybe there's hope? I have to study sometime, right? I'm like undercover, yo!

*all my userpics are non-shareable - I made them myself, and am very partial to them. If you like the style and want me to make you some of your own, just let me know! Because I'm like, too lazy to randomly make and post icons for public use. :-D*